gr1d (2011/12)

GR1D is an interactive media facade with forty low-density pixels. Installed outside the main entrance to CalArts in an area of the building's unique waffle-pattern ceiling, the installation opened on April 1st 2012 (with an exhibition held on April 2nd) and closed mid-June. Each pixel is a three-by-three foot ceiling lighted by a networked 1-watt RGB LED (the BlinkM MaxM).

The premise of GR1D was to permit casual and social interaction with an architectural installation through the use of mobile devices. A web application developed using Netpixl allowed users to paint on the display using collaborative interface for iPhones and iPads. Situated near the installation, a poster explained the interactivity and invited users to play with it by navigating to a URL or scanning a QR code.

GR1D is the topic of Chapter 5 in my MFA thesis [34mb PDF warning] which examines many ideas behind its conception and implementation.

» Making Of (Video)

» Technical Details (Coming Soon)